Puss Moth Caterpillar: It’s Cute, Furry, and Venomous

It’s Trump’s hair!

Nature's Poisons

An internet friend of mine regaled me with a tale of a buddy of his that looked like he got whacked in the face with a 2 x 4. Did he owe money to a bookie? Girlfriend beat him up? No, he got his ass handed to him by a one inch long fluffy little caterpillar. The hell you say? Yeah, a caterpillar. What’s the world coming to? Every day that I step outside I feel like I’m in Mother Nature’s Thunderdome. Who knew Mother Nature was really Tina Turner?

Puss moth caterpillar by Valerie Bugh Puss moth caterpillar by Valerie Bugh (c) (AustinBug.com)

This cute little fella, Megalopyge opercularis (left), goes by the name puss, tree asp, or southern flannel moth caterpillar. Their habitat starts in Maryland and sweeps down south to Florida and west into Texas and Missouri, inhabiting all the states in-between. It resembles a Tribble, and if you’re an…

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