The 4 Most Clueless Pro-Hobby Lobby Statements, Refuted

A Few Choice Words

By Tim Marshall, Millennial Advisory Councilmember

In the past month, we’ve all felt the impact of the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision.

After all, as advocates for the right to reproductive choice, subsidizing family planning was a hard-won victory in 2011. Before I begin sounding like a Michael Moore voice over, I won’t focus on what we lost and what we stand to regain – we all know what happened. Instead, my purpose in writing this is to recap some of the worst conservative responses and laugh at their ineptitude. I hope you enjoy, readers:

1. One of the most misinformed statements comes from Conestoga Wood itself, the parent company of Hobby Lobby. They justify not covering contraceptives under the principle that “birth control is akin to abortion.”  Now, just about anyone reading this knows that isn’t true; however, this gem loses its luster even more when we take into consideration the…

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