The Three Amigos

Lila McGrew

The Fosters at 5 weeks old: Pippin, Tuck, Scooter, Mao and Merry

Eleven months ago I brought home a mama cat and her five 5-week-old kittens to foster for Lois at Creatures Comfort in an attempt to dull the ache of loss.  They were a joy filled distraction and still are.  Despite our intentions, we kept three; Merry, Pippin and Scooter.

Merry resembles a Russian Blue. He’s a boy and as about as easy going as a cat can get and also pure goof who loves his toys.  His favorite are the furry mice with the rattle inside.  He tosses them around with great abandon and hides them from himself between seat cushions or under blankets in order to ‘hunt’ them out again.  He’s a head butt-er.  When he wants attention he’ll be sure to let you know, but he’s pretty cool with being picked up and either cuddled or…

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