Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Creatures' Comfort

I had a very interesting email exchange recently with a person from Craig’s List looking for a male kitten because they didn’t want the responsibility of future kittens.  I sent a reply indicating that adopting a kitten from the shelter or a rescue would not just already be ‘fixed’, but would also have had vaccinations, worm medicine, flea and mite treatments and other medical care.  The response to my reply left me dumbfounded.  The conversation balance of the conversation went like this:

“But the thing is I don’t believe in neutering my kitten. It’s wrong in my eyes.”

“Why do you believe neutering a kitten is wrong?  We have a huge population of unwanted cats with many kittens and adult cats abandoned in fields and roadsides.  Just last week, Creatures Comfort received a litter of 4 week old kittens that were left in a box on the side of the…

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