Crushing Grief and Guilt

Lila McGrew

Andy and I have had, and still do have, several pets. Over the years we’ve lost a few due to age or mishap, but this is the worst I’ve ever experienced. The sorrow and guilt I feel is nearly overpowering.

In the early hours of April first, one pet violently ended the life of another. Miss Sally Mae, the darling of our house, was ripped from my arms by our newly adopted dog – a dog I had wanted.

Sally held a special place in our hearts – more it seems than any other pet we’ve had. She’d been through the washer as a curious kitten and was partially paralyzed from a spinal column dislocation during her daring first year. She was a pint-sized ball of personality, curiosity and superior intelligence that knew no bounds and didn’t let her uncooperative hind legs prevent her from doing much.  Willy was her…

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