Once Upon a Time …

Nicely done, Sis! 😀

Lila McGrew

Long, long ago (1975ish) in a land far, far away (Wyoming) lived a family, much like other families, with one exception.  Bricks.

The old school in Superior (according to legend) had burned and the remains demolished.  Left behind was a mass of brick waiting for a new home.  The father, every thrifty and not one to let a good deal go by, purchased said bricks (or a fairly good sized portion of them) and proceeded to chauffeur his family in his trusty pickup, along with his trailer, to the site of his hoard.

The family outing required each member of the family to sort the whole bricks from the rubble and stack the ‘good ones’ ever so neatly and gently in to said pickup and trailer.  At least 2 trips were made to the sacred site to gather up the baked clay treasure.

Upon returning to the family abode, the…

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